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    Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone,was approved by the State Council in 2013. It is a world-leading green city project, which integrates medical rehabilitation, ecological energy conservation and environment protection, green international organization and holidays. This project is Hainan People's Government’s another big move to accelerate the implementation of construction strategy for the international tourism destination. The pilot project intends to develop medical, aged nursing, research and other related international medical tourism industry, to create a low-carbon low-emission model of the ecological environment, rich communication platform for domestic and international cooperation in related fields, and strive to create an international benchmark for the domestic first-class medical tourism and medical tourism paradise. has experimental units for developing medicines, providing the aged, scientific research and other industries related to the international medical tourism, aims at creating ecological environment model with low carbon and low emission, enriches the domestic and overseas cooperation and communication platform of the related areas, and strives to create international and domestic first-level medical tourism benchmark and paradise of medical tourism.



    I. Strategic positioning



    Firstly, the pilot development zone of international medical tourism industry

    Secondly, the ecological environment model zone with low carbon and low emission


    Thirdly, A domestic and overseas cooperation and communication platform of medical tourism



    II. Functional Positioning



    The pilot zone is a medical park with scale benefits, taking full advantage of policy support of the Central Government to introduce the world-advanced medical technologies and drugs for high-end medical care and health preservation integrated services.



    Firstly, to actively attract and utilize high-end medical technologies, medical devices and medical talents, and introduce famous medical institutions and health management organizations at home and abroad to promote the construction of the Pioneer Area, so as to develop it into a national high-end medical tourism pilot area, demonstration area, medical talent cluster area and international exchange platform of health field.



    Secondly, to develop the Pioneer Area into a leading national medical scientific research base by closely combining clinical construction of several national key specialties and laboratories.



    Thirdly, to develop the pilot zone into a low-carbon medical care and ecological medical care demonstration area by fully absorbing the low-carbon concept in the project construction and medical service.



    III. Overall planning



    Planning scope: 20.14 square kilometers (1.44 square kilometers for one island, and 18.7 square kilometers for the two wings).



    Total construction land using scale: 9.96 square kilometers



    Planning layout :The total space structure is “one river& two cores, one district& four towns”.



    “One river”-- refers to the ecological green gallery of Wanquan River, which is the ecological and landscape core of the entire leading area, and also the spatial carrier for extending the historical context, ecological background and protecting flood control safety.


    “Two cores”-- refers to the public service centers set respectively at left and right banks of Wanquan River, which is also the area with the highest publicity, service and openness within the leading area, as well as the symbolic area that demonstrating city image of the leading area.


    “One district”-- refers to the comprehensive group with franchised medical treatment and medical research as the leading function within north of the left bank of the leading area.


    “Four towns”-- refers to the four rehabilitation theme groups taking characteristic treatment, recovery rehabilitation, health management and health maintenance as the leading functions and characteristic town as the city space.



    IV. Project advantages



    (I) Advantages of location and natural resources



    Positioned as the international tourism destination, Hainan received 47.8908 million tourists from home and abroad in 2014, which was 10.6% higher than that of the previous year. Hainan province is also the important hub for the development and planning of “21th Maritime Silk Road”, with unique regional advantages. As per the official reply of the State Council GH (2013) No. 33 File, Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism pilot zone (Hainan) is located at the two sides of Wanquan River between Jiaji urban area of Qionghai city and the core area of Boao Forum for Asia, it has planning area of 20.14 square kilometers (therein, the construction land is 9.96 square kilometers). The project enjoys sound traffic condition and it is about 90 kilometers away from Haikou city and 200 kilometers away from Sanya city .



    (II) Ecological Advantage


    The pilot zone , with flat terrain, beautiful ecological environment and pleasant climate, enjoys abundant natural resources and bred-in-the-bone advantages for tourism industry development. The beautiful and clear Wanquan River runs through Qionghai, forming the unique "water-island-forest-farmland" landscape resource as a optimal place for leisure and tourism.



    (III) Brand Advantage



    Boao Forum for Asia, with increasingly highlighted international influence since it was successfully held for the first time in 2001, enjoys the reputation of "Oriental Davos". At present, it has been gradually developed into China High-end External Exchange Platform and World Top International Convention Center. According to statistics, there are nearly 200 high-end domestic and overseas conferences held in Hainan Boao every year, attracting large quantities of politicians, merchants, scholars and media. The pilot zone utilizes the Boao brand and influence to accelerate the medical tourism industry development and the related high-end medical services in Hainan, which are extension and development of Boao Forum for Asia, and thus is hailed as the second movement of Boao Forum for Asia.



    (IV) Industrial Prospect Advantage



    Asia is growing up to a global “Medical Tourism Center ”, countries and districts in its neighborhood is developing vigorously, for instance, Thailand, Singapore, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan have obvious advantage in medical tourism industry. In particular, the medical and tourism industry in India is growing so fast that the medical tourism industry income reached 2.2 billion USD by 2012, which took 2.4% in global market share, moreover, the count of people taking medical tour in India keep growing by 30% in related years. Recently, the demand of people taking medical tour in Hainan is increasing including medical cure, disease prevention and health rehabilitation. With the potential advantage in ecological environment, climate and tourism resource, adding by the help of favorable policy in “International Medial Tourism Pilot Zone ” in the future , the Medical Tourism in Hainan expecting to leverage the huge market at home and abroad and become new engine of promoting the development of Hainan International Tourism Island.


    V. The Development Objectives and Steps



    The overall goal: strive to turn the pilot zone into a world-class destination for medical tourism and medical high-end talent gathering area and international exchange platform for health within 10 years, with an industrial scale of more than 50 billion Yuan.



    Development steps: To achieve this overall objective, three steps are designed:



    The first step is to complete the design, planning and infrastructure construction necessary for the pilot zone , and begin to introduce investment and construct medical institutions within three years.



    The second step is to complete the construction of most medical institutions, begin medical activities and start to build a number of high-quality specialist centers within 4-6 years. These specialist centers will, through investment attraction, establish and maintain cooperative relations with health care institutions at home and abroad with considerable influence in flexible ways, to attract high-quality medical specialist resources worldwide. Strive to realize that by 2019, medical tourists to the pioneer area account for more than 5% of the province’s overnight visitors with its industry added value accounting for more than 10% of the province’s tourism industry added value in proportion.



    The third step is to become international medical tourism demonstration base with first-class hardware facilities, service, and international service concept within 7 to 10 years. Medical tourists to the pilot zone shall account for more than 10% of the province’s overnight visitors with its industry added value accounting for more than 20% of the province’s tourism industry added value in proportion.



    VI. Investment Subject and Direction



    As the investment subject of the pioneer area, the Management Committee of Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism pilot zone , fulfills the responsibilities of investment subject under the guidance and assistance of pioneer area investment work leading group. It is responsible for collection, arrangement and compilation of investment project data, proposing the pioneer area annual investment program, planning the investment promotion activities to be reported to the pioneer area investment work leading group for approval and organizing the implementation. Investment work leading group guides and coordinates the investment work of the pioneer area, help Pioneer Area Management Committee plan outbound investment promotion activity program and organize the implementation. Director of Pioneer Area Management Committee acts as the head, Department of Commerce, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Health Development Planning Commission form the deputy head unit, and responsible persons of provincial relevant department business offices and relevant departments in Qionghai city constitute its members.



    According to the State Council’s approval with regard to setting up Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism pilot zone , thoroughly implement the provincial Party Committee and provincial government’s important deployment decisions to accelerate the construction of pilot zone, closely surround the pilot zone’s positioning to “rely on local ecological resources, carry out pilot development of medical, aged nursing, research and other international medical tourism related industries,form a low-carbon low-emission ecological environment model, and enrich cooperation and exchange platforms in related fields at home and abroad”, follow the requirements of the pilot zoneoverall planning and development plan of the medical industry, throw olive branches to corporate and institutions at home and abroad representing the highest standard in the fields of “aged nursing, information, research, conference” according to the “fair, just and open” principle, make efforts to introduce and cultivate high-end medical tourism industry center, build a complete industrial chain of medical tourism services, and strive to build the pilot zone into an international, high-end, first-class, high-quality medical tourism industry cluster and medical tourism paradise.



    VII. Key Areas of Development



    Key industrial development areas of pilot zone include: franchised medical care, health management, rehabilitation care, medical cosmetology and anti-aging, to form a complete medical chain to provide tourists with physical examination, health management, medical services, rehabilitation and health (care), etc..



    (I)Franchised Medical Care


    Take full advantage of the pioneer area’s existing new medical technology, new equipment, new drugs (not included in the national directory for medical technologies allowed for clinical application) and access policies of outbound health care capital, introduce first-class medical institutions and health care teams, and build a number of medical centers to forge a Franchised Medical Care platform. The Franchised Medical Care platform will be constructed in phases.



    (II) Health Management


    To establish modern health management organizations, take full advantage of and bring into full play the basic supporting role of the health data, develop and apply health management software, and establish a digital health information system and management system in the health management field.



    (III) Rehabilitation Care



    With the focus on the aged nursing, maternal-child nursing and rehabilitation, to emphasize on the construction of Boao Aged Nursing, Maternal-Child Nursing & Rehabilitation Base, develop such services as health management, happy leisure, rehabilitation promotion, life support and medical care for the aged, expand such service fields as old-age tourism, old-age community and old-age insurance, and develop such new businesses and new modes as health nursing for pregnant preparation, nursing in the whole course of delivery, postnatal rehabilitation, specialized maternal-child nutritional diet and new-born early intelligence development suitable for the demands of different populations.



    (IV) Medical Beauty and Anti-aging Service


    To develop the medical beauty projects and anti-aging services characterized by individualized customization under the necessary premise of safety and reliability to the extent permitted by policies, laws and regulations.



    (V) Boao Third-party Medical Testing



    To support the third-party medical testing technology development and service mode innovation, cultivate the third-party medical testing institutions, optimally allocate medical testing technology, equipment, personnel and other resources so as to increase testing stability, advancement and accuracy, and to perfect the medical testing report mutual recognition system, strengthen medical testing data management so as to promote the normalized, standardized and marketized development of the third-party medical testing industry.



    (VI) Construction of National Medical Scientific Research Base



    To actively construct several national key specialists and laboratories and introduce advanced technologies for medical scientific research by relying on the medical institutions in the pilot zone and by close combination with clinical application, so as to obtain optimal combination of economic benefits and technological benefits in the way that medical service will promote and be supported by scientific research .



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